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The Purpose Of A Solar Power Station

In a solar power station, the sunlight is transformed directly into electric current, and it is in the solar cells that photons of a semiconductor are absorbed, which therefore involves the production of an electrical charge carrier. A solar power station uses up a big surface area, and at present, the manufacturing of a solar cell is still relatively expensive, as only a small number of this type of product is actually produced.

The solar power plant is also helpful in regards to space stations, and it is thought to be one of the most crucial and vital systems of the space station altogether. This is because it delivers direct current, is equipped with a storage battery, and also is comparable in basic principle to a basic steam turbine power plant of the same kind.

One solar power station in particular is that of the White Cliffs Solar Power Station, which is located in New South Wales, in Australia. It is actually Australia's first solar power station, and it was built by a group from Australian National University, and the station consisted of fourteen three-meter parabolic dishes, which are each covered by more than 2000 mirrors, then mounted on a heliostatic mounting.

A solar updraft tower is a reasonably low technology styled thermal power plant, in which air passes under a huge agricultural glass house and is then heated up by the sun, then channeled upwards to a convection tower. The air then rises naturally and is utilized to drive turbines, which therefore generates electricity.

On the other hand, an energy tower is an alternative proposal for the solar updraft tower, as the energy tower is instead, driven by spraying water at the top of the tower, and evaporation of water is what then causes a downdraft by cooling the air, thereby increasing its density, driving wind turbines at the bottom of the tower.Solar Panels Phoenix AZ\n

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